FREE Fundamentals

55 Minutes – Foundational TRX & Cardio Movements

Here’s your chance to try SWEAT Vancity! This complimentary class will introduce the studio, top of the line self-powered cardio equipment and of course the mighty TRX Suspension Trainer. Recommended for people of any fitness level, you will leave with a deeper understanding of this incredible tool, your body, and how SWEAT Vancity can help empower you to reach your fitness goals.



55 Minutes – TRX focused with Cardio Component

Gravity is one of the greatest energies on earth, and we partnered with it. Using the versatility of TRX equipment in tandem with your body weight, we explore balance and resistance to transform you into a strong, powerful, and fully-functional force. SWEAT TRX is about toning and lengthening, building lean muscle mass, and activating your core. Your awareness will shift, as you individually connect to every single muscle in your body. This class is designed for individuals of all fitness levels to move, engage, and stretch like never before.



55 Minutes – Equal parts TRX & High Intensity Cardio

Believe in the heights you can reach and then exceed them. When you challenge your endurance in SWEAT Enduro, you will increase your anaerobic threshold dramatically. The resulting endurance will flow into your everyday life, and create a body that is lean and strong. High intensity interval training is the most efficient and effective way to burn calories and fat for hours after your workout. This kind of SWEAT is designed to move your training to the next level and revolutionize your body.



60 Minutes – Mat Based Class

Connection stimulates change. And SWEAT Connect unites your mind with movement in perfect synchronicity. Learn the fundamental movements of Pilates by focusing on postural alignment and accessing your deepest level of strength – your core. This is a mind SWEAT that targets stability and strength from the inside out. Feel and see how your body transforms when you empower your mind and connect with your essential core.


Enduro Connect

55 Minutes – Mat Based Class & High Intensity Cardio

The newest SWEAT class comes to life by pairing the intensity of Enduro with the challenge of Connect. This is the perfect combination of sweating, toning, and strengthening in one 55 minute session. 20 minutes of high-intensity cardio with 30 minutes of challenging mat work, core strengthening and pilates routed exercises. This innovative workout is a perfect addition to challenge your body and strengthen your mind.



55 Minutes – Advanced TRX with Cardio Component

You are more powerful than you could ever imagine. Train and SWEAT like an athlete in this advanced TRX class. SWEAT Strength empowers you to maximize your own body weight. Specific and sequenced exercises, following a progressive resistance, plyometrics, and tabata philosophy, will simultaneously activate multiple muscle groups. Fire up your whole system, naturally provoking balance and endurance from within to create true strength.

Child Minding

SWEAT Vancity is excited to offer child minding for select classes daily. Open to children ages 8 weeks to 8 years old. Children will be supervised by an experienced team member in our private childcare room. Spaces are limited, and must be reserved here. For further details please don’t hesitate to contact the studio directly.