Allison Forsyth

Mar 12 2017




SWEAT Vancity takes a moment with former Olympian, Allison Forsyth!

Why do you come to SWEAT?

I discovered SWEAT through some co-workers that teach there… and it was great to find a studio so close to home. Having limited time, it is difficult to find a type of workout that is full-body and has me feeling like I really pushed myself in a safe, intense, yet fun environment. SWEAT does that. It is also great because TRX and HIIT intervals are very much conducive to all abilities. Regardless of their level of fitness, people can push themselves to their own max. I also strongly believe (as someone that was a gym junkie and trained for 15 years lifting weights) that using your own body weight at various angles is the safest, most stabilizing, and challenging way to gain efficient, effective strength improvement. The days of the endless squats and cleans are over… I could even get a great workout 9+ months pregnant!

What’s your favourite thing about the studio?

The people and energy for sure. Everyone is positive, supportive, and up to the same goal… get a great workout to start (in my case) what can be a hectic day ( I love the 545 am class!).  Love the fact there’s child minding Monday to Friday mornings too!

Why TRX?

Easy… Angle = Intensity!  This allows me to choose where I am at with every exercise. Also my body weight is all I need to be lifting to stay healthy and gain what I call “authentic strength.” I can work the large muscle groups through the big movements, and the stabilizing (toning muscles) through the resistance required to stay balanced and controlled with the bands. Not to date myself… but TRX wasn’t really a thing when I was training for the Olympics and I so wish it was! We were all linear in movement and lifting huge weights, which just feels so old school now.  Using TRX to strengthen my core can be as tough as any core workout I did as an Olympian, yet I can also do it to the level I am now (only weeks after having my daughter) and it is awesome! I also have a really bad knee… which forced my retirement, and I have n0 issues with doing TRX, which is a blessing as there is much I can’t do with my knee.

“TRX wasn’t really a thing when I was training for the Olympics and I so wish it was!”

Allison Forsyth TRXFavourite class?

SWEAT TRX. I like to do other complimentary workouts like indoor cycling for my longer cardio, so I love SWEAT TRX for its quick, tabata-style intensity. I love training the upper range of cardio combined with the TRX.

Favourite TRX move?

This is a more of a love/hate relationship,  but I find it incredibly difficult and rewarding – the crunch to pike core exercise in the bands. It works my upper and lower core, arms, and everything in between.

What is your current fitness goal?

Easy… having just had my third baby, I am really grateful to have found SWEAT and been able to keep up a good level of fitness pre and post-pregnancy. So my goal is to lose the gained baby weight within 3 months by indoor cycling combined with SWEAT workouts. After that, I will start setting some more competitive goals. 

Why do you love the North Shore?

Not to sound like a cliche, but it is an awesome place to raise a family. That and the trails, the mountains, and the amazing like-minded community, makes it a perfect place for me and my family.

If you could say one thing to someone who had never tried TRX before, what would it be?

Don’t knock it til you try it 🙂 I respect that bands hanging from a roof could look a little intimidating but it is incredibly safe, fun, easy, and wow, such an awesome workout! Not to mention there is just tons and tons of different exercises you can do with TRX.

About Allison

Allison was born and raised in Nanaimo and grew up skiing every weekend with her family at Mt. Washington. With the goal of always catching up to her brother Ryan and sister Andrea, Allison thrived on the slopes of Vancouver Island and at the age of 14 moved to Whistler to get serious about her future in skiing. Making the B.C. Team at the age of 15 and the Canadian National Team at 17, Allison quickly found herself travelling the world in pursuit of her Olympic dreams. Her skiing career took her to Calgary at the age of 19 as she started competing on the World Cup Circuit, the highest level of ski racing in the world. Allison competed on the World Cup Circuit for 12 years and during this time she achieved 5 World Cup podiums, 8 National Championship titles, and a Bronze medal at the World Championships in 2003. Finishing 7th in her first Olympics in Salt Lake City, Allison, still dreaming of gold, entered her second Olympics in Torino Italy in 2006 with high hopes.  Unfortunately, a serious crash in the Olympic downhill event resulted in the end of her Olympics and the end of her career due to a serious knee injury. With her career over, Allison shifted to approaching her fitness for overall health and still loves pushing herself in everything she does. A certified spin teacher and a level 3 CSCF coach, she is passionate about everything exercise.  Allison now lives in Vancouver with her husband Steve, sons Ryker and Carter and daughter Scarlett. She works for Lululemon and has for the past 9 years.

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